Essentials For A Home Gym

Going to a commercial gym can be really tedious for some people as a lot of time gets wasted in traveling to the gym center if it is not near to your place. Also, not to forget the hectic work schedule at the office that can make it difficult for a person to go for regular workouts. On top of that for a commercial gym, you end up paying a monthly fee for facilities which you have to share with others. But, if you do not want your health to get hampered for such reasons then setting up your own personal gym at home will not be a bad idea.

So, if you have dedication towards your fitness goals, then investing a small amount of cash will not hurt. Instead of spending money every month on a commercial gym and on the travel, it is better to divert the money to invest in your own gym. A home gym can actually make it more convenient for you to do exercises regularly at any point in time and at the same time, you will be around your family.

Often people wonder about the huge amount of money that is required to set up a gym, but the fact is it does not necessarily have to be expensive. Do not get fooled by those overpriced specialist products, cardio equipment or multi gyms which are of no use to a gym. You can easily create a fully functional gym at home if you prefer to buy fitness equipment from places like classified ads and auction sites like eBay. You might end up buying equipment for less than half of what you would pay for it in some other store.

To get started, you do not require all kinds of equipment at a time. Gradually, you can evolve your gym starting with the basics and later you can upgrade your requirements. Before starting your workout regime, if you are unsure about any of the techniques, it is better to attend one or two sessions with a professional trainer so that you know the correct way of doing the exercises. It is very important to have a good atmosphere that can motivate you to workout.

The Must Have Equipment

The basic equipment required for a gym are the following:

You can buy a Barbell and plate set which is very important equipment since for almost all your workouts, it will be the foundation. You do not need the flashy exercises but the classic core which will give you results. You will require a bench for making the most of your barbell sets. You can opt for a second-hand bench rather than the new one. Bench with incline and decline functionality should be preferred as it can be helpful for a split bodybuilding style training phase.

You must own a rack which is a crucial element of your gym. It is big in size and also can be expensive. It should be robust in nature so that it can survive those grueling workouts. People often misunderstand that they can manage without a rack but actually workouts for chest, shoulder and heavier leg is impossible without having a rack. You need a proper gym flooring which will help for your gym equipment to last longer. This will be helpful for reducing the sound level that comes out of the gym. It is very affordable and very long lasting.

You can choose heavy kettlebells instead of going for a rack of dumbbells. Kettlebells are versatile equipment which can replicate the exercises that can be performed using dumbbells. This can bring momentum to your workouts. Although kettlebells are more preferable, but having a rack of dumbbells is also not a bad option. You can also add a punching bag to your home gym. This is a great stress buster and a high-intensity workout which is very enjoyable. You must have enough room on all sides keeping the bag in the center so that it can be convenient for you to use it. A spin bike is not a bad option as it is a good cardiovascular workout. Not must effort is needed and thus, you can watch television or listen to music while riding a spin bike.

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